Nick's farewells & an introduction to the new owners Jon & Jenny

Nick's farewells

"It's a quarter of a century since we first set eyes on this magical place and now it's time to pass on the baton - for the next 25 years! Yes, the mine has new owners and we're delighted to welcome Jon and Jenny as new custodians. Okel Tor Mine couldn't be in better hands and we are absolutely confident that its future - and that of the cottages - is assured. Thank you to all who've stayed since we first opened the cottage doors in 1999 - you're all part of the story. It's been a wonderful experience. To Jon & Jenny - we wish you the very best of luck..."

Jon & Jenny introduce themselves

"As the new owners of Okel Tor Mine, we’re delighted to have the opportunity to continue the stewardship of such a unique and historical site and to welcome guests to the Smithy and Count House. The archaeological and environmental importance of Okel Tor is a huge attraction to us both, as we’re sure it is to guests. Living among the former mine buildings, all set within a wildlife reserve on the banks of the River Tamar is a wonderful experience. Thank you, Nick and Greg, for making all this possible.

We’re very much aware of the responsibilities this brings, both the protection and management of the buildings and reserve and maintaining the exemplary standards of hospitality that guests have come to expect. To that end, we’d like to reassure established friends of Okel Tor that we don’t plan any changes (it’s already perfect!) and we hope returning guests will find everything agreeably familiar on their next stay. We very much look forward to welcoming guests, long-standing and new, to Okel Tor.”


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